Many people look forward to their annual holiday homecomings. That time of year when you, as an adult, return to your family home — perhaps the place where you grew up — and fully relax, and forget your grown-up troubles. Some people even find themselves slipping back into more childish habits shall we say. They might squabble with their siblings, who have also returned for the holidays. Or they might become a little brattish — letting mum wait on them hand and foot. They might have political disagreements with that one grumpy uncle over the dinner table, turning the mood from festive to frosty.

If any of this sounds familiar, do not fear! Many adult children, whether you’re a student returning home after a semester, or a 40-something year old with kids of your own, find themselves regressing when back in the family habitat. 

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Additionally, the festive season can be as stressful as it is joyous. You have to pick out the perfect gift for each member of your family — even your cousin who you haven’t seen for years! Or perhaps you are taking charge of cooking a feast for 12 hungry people this year. Not to mention the general responsibility to make sure everyone is happy, and no one’s glass ever falls empty! 

It can all be pretty overwhelming. But there is a way to mediate the more rocky elements of the festive season. We are talking, of course, about microdosing.

What is Microdosing?- Buy Magic Mushroom 

Microdosing is a wellness practice associated with improved mood, productivity, and creativity. It is the routine of taking psychedelic mushrooms or truffles at such low dosage that the characteristic psychedelic effects are not consciously felt. This is called a subthreshold dose. If this sounds very technical — don’t worry — it’s actually quite simple. 

Many people who engage in a regular microdosing routine use the Fadiman method:

Day 1: Microdose.

Day 2: No microdose (or ‘rest’).

Day 3: No microdose.

Day 4: Microdose

— Basically, one day on, two days off.

Or they favor the every-other-day method:

Day 1: Microdose.

Day 2: No microdose.

Day 3: Microdose.

Day 4: No microdose

A microdosing routine like this can definitely help with the added stress that the festive season can bring. However, you can also microdose for specific days or events within your festive calendar. 

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How Microdosing Psilocybin Can Help Us Survive the Festive Season

It Can Improve Your Mood

Sometimes, even when the decorations are up, and the lights are twinkling, we can still find reasons to be grumpy. Microdosing is known to improve mood and general feelings of well-being. This is key when dealing with the urge to argue with your brother, or disagree with your cousin over TV choices. Even that uncle espousing questionable political beliefs can be met with understanding and calm when you are experiencing the glow of a psilocybin microdose. 

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It Can Make You More Productive

Running around hunting for presents? Prepping one thousand potatoes? Tidying the house ready for guests? Microdosing psilocybin has been shown to make us more productive and focused, even increasing the personality trait of Conscientiousness. This will make even the most boring of tasks this festive season feel newly manageable, which in turn means that if you do have to do some of the more mundane chores, they will not take over your entire day. You can get them done, and then put your feet up with a nice cup of cocoa. Additionally, if you tend to fall into childhood habits of letting your parents do everything for you, microdosing can help you to buck-up your ideas buddy, and lend a much-needed hand. 

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It Can Make You More Creative

Need inspo for gifts? Gotta entertain some over-excited kids? Microdosing can help you to get those creative juices flowing. Many people find that psilocybin helps them to think ‘outside the box’ — perfect for keeping the folks entertained around the dinner table, or adding a flair to Christmas dinner (chili flakes in the gravy anyone? They sure add a warming glow!)

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It Reawakens Your Childlike Wonder

It’s not unusual to feel nostalgic for festive seasons gone by. Everything just seemed more sparkly, more exciting, more magical — and you question, as an adult, if you’ll ever feel that full of joy and wonder again. Well, while it cannot make you 7 years old again, opening a Barbie doll on Christmas morning, microdosing has been found to increase feelings of wonder and gratitude. Psilocybin fosters a sensation of being connected to the wider world, a higher love, and more locally, the humans (such as our visiting family) around us. 

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Being ‘in the moment’ is very difficult nowadays, with technology always reminding us of the things we could be doing, could be seeing, or work that needs completing. Microdosing is touted by many as the key to achieving what’s known as the ‘flow state’ — when you are engrossed in the moment and feel a groovy kind of ‘peace’ in what you are doing. It is reminiscent of being a kid, when you could just while away the day, deep in your own little world. Being in the moment — whether you’re with your parents, your siblings, your in-laws, or your friendship-family — is the greatest gift you can give yourself this festive season. 

How Microdosing Can Help You Survive the Festive Season: The Takeaway

  • We love the festive season! But it can be stressful. Whether you have taken on the bulk of responsibilities, or you find your family difficult to get on with, microdosing psilocybin can help you to navigate the ups and downs you may encounter.
  • Microdosing is the practice of taking a subthreshold dose of a psychedelic to improve mood, creativity and focus. 
  • You can follow a routine such as the Fadiman method, or you can microdose as and when stressors arise. 
  • Microdosing can boost your spirits making you jollier company this festive season.
  • It can also make you more productive and focused — helping you to hare through your chores.
  • Microdosing can increase creative thinking — perfect for dreaming up gifts, or ways to entertain the whole family. 
  • Psilocybin microdosing can help you rediscover the childlike wonder we may lose in adulthood — this helps us to be in the moment and make the most of this special time.