How We Grow Our Fresh Magic Truffles And Shroom Kits


The Ultimate In Convenience- Buy magic Mushroom

Our magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits are the ultimate in convenience. Our magic truffles especially, come vacuum packed and ready to eat as soon as they arrive on your doorstep. The grow kits need a modicum more patience — they’re more like a meal-kit  you could say — we give you the ingredients, and you whip it all together. Still as easy as pie, quite frankly! However, do not get it twisted, our products are NOT fast food. Although they are speedy and convenient, our process is of highest quality, from farm to doorstep!

Of course, our products do not appear fully formed from nowhere — they are carefully grown. But how do we do it? And how do we ensure our methods provide the highest quality natural product without any harmful chemicals or procedures?

Well, let us enlighten you!

Our Farm

Our farm is nestled deep in the greenery of Holland. And in this mycological paradise we practice the newest techniques of clean farming, with a focus on letting Mother Nature take her natural course. We are 100% pesticide free, so you have no need to fear chemicals hiding in your order. A lot of supermarkets cannot claim the same honour about their produce! 

We practice the highest level of anti-bacterial protection — the cleanliness of the farm is maintained, protective garments are worn, and the development of the products take place in dedicated isolated rooms. 

 It’s In The Water

Of course, to grow our truffles nice, big, and strong they have to have the very best hydration — just like you do! And it turns out we’re very lucky being based in Holland… As the country with the 2nd best quality tap water in Europe, our truffles and mycelium have all the minerals they need! That’s right — did you know that in many places in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, the tap water is actually better quality than ‘pure’ bottled water? This means that you do not have to worry about any chemicals being introduced to your chosen product via water. There is no chlorine or fluoride in the Dutch water system — so that means none in your truffles. Phew!

Now Let Me Get This ‘Substrate’

You see, what our pure, fresh water is hydrating is the substrate that the truffles and mycelium for grow kits sprout from. These are nutritional grains inoculated with a high standard mycelium culture and kept moist to cultivate the mycelium further. During the incubation period they are naturally processed in a sterilised and temperature controlled area to both prevent contamination and encourage the mycelium to colonize further. 

Harvest Time

We continue our natural developing process in the harvesting and packaging process. We individually hand pick each scloertium from the grains. Since the grains have been fermented, they are recycled as nutrients for our Dutch green lands.

We then vacuum-seal our truffles, much like how we package vegetables and fruit. Based on extensive research, this is the most sustainable method for our magic truffles to survive transportation conditions, and allow them to “breathe” as the natural organisms they are. 

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

Our magic mushroom grow kits are much the same — virtuous as they come. They are produced with 100% natural ingredients. We prepare high quality substrate and fresh mycelium spawn for your lil’ shrooms to grow in when they reach your home. Substrate is generally made of a combination of different grains. These can include:

Vermiculite — a naturally occurring mineral which gives support and nutrients to the growing mycelium, it can absorb 4x its body weight in water while keeping the mycelium aerated.

Perlite — a natural volcanic porous glass. It attracts water and is very light weight.

Coco-coir — a natural fibre made of coconut husks. Very absorbent and rot resistant.

Brown rice flour/ rye grain.

Of course, we cannot divulge the exact combination that we use in our growing process. That would spoil the ‘magic’ — but rest assured, the substrate that our high grade mycelium grows in is as natural and nutritious as they come.

In such a prime environment for mycelium, you’d have a job to stop it growing. 

Clean Pasteurisation Process- Buy magic mushroom

When we say ‘pasteurise’ what we mean is modifying the temperature of the growing environment. There are no artificial substances or pesticides used. The temperature modification reduces bad bacteria as well as speeding up our inoculation process!

Sustainability: An Eye On The Future – Buy magic mushroom

As American Shroomery continues to grow, we are conscious of our potential footprint on the Earth. We prioritise research into how we can reduce waste while cultivating our high quality psilocybin products. Already, we are using strategies that require less transport and use recycled packaging to reduce CO2 emissions.  

So there you have it! Now you know exactly what our magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits eat and drink, and how they are cared for before they arrive on your doorstep. Here at American Shroomery we pride ourselves on providing a product that not only cares for your mind and body, but also the Earth. Shop

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