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Buy Albino Magic Mushroom Kit Online

Buy Albino Magic Mushroom Online. The albimo magic mushroom. This is a special albino Psilocybe Cubensis strain that’s recommended for those that don’t have much experience growing their own magic mushrooms. These mushrooms produce thick trunks and average-sized caps that can take on a sort of nipple appearance. They go a dirty white color with blue tinges in parts.

Albino Magic Mushroom Strain Information

It grows more slowly than many other common mushrooms, so you must handle it with care and avoid making any errors. When produced under optimal circumstances, the first two rounds may yield an incredible number of mushrooms. The mushrooms reach a maximum height of 15 centimeters and have thick, sturdy stems.

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This is one of the most sought-after strains out there thanks to its peculiar aspect and potent effect; it’s an incredibly visual strain that can also be introspective at times.

Complete Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

The kit comes in an air-tight, sealed Tupperware which guarantees the quality of the spores and their efficiency. It’s incredibly important to avoid any air flows or areas that may contaminate the Tupperware when opening it.

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Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are often tiny and brown or tan in color. In the wild, people often confuse psilocybin-containing mushrooms with other dangerous varieties. People often eat psilocybin as a tea or combine it with food to disguise its bitter flavor. Additionally, manufacturers grind dried mushrooms into a powder and package them in capsules. Some individuals who eat these mushrooms coat them with chocolate.

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