Blue Oyster 3015 (Sawdust Spawn)

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Buy Blue Oyster 3015 Sawdust Spawn Online

Buy Blue Oyster 3015 Sawdust Spawn Online. Oyster mushrooms can be cultivated on straw, wood, coffee grounds and a range of other cellulose rich materials. This oyster spawn strain is a great commercial producer on both wood and straw. Buy Blue Oyster 3015 Sawdust Spawn Online. This oyster spawn is known for large fruiting bodies, fast spawn run, and a beautiful blue color that is vibrant when young. This oyster spawn produces mushrooms in a wide range of temperatures from 55-75 degrees F. Buy Blue Oyster 3015 (Sawdust Spawn) Online.

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1 Bag, 5 Bags, 10 Bags, 20 Bags

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