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Buy Hawaii PES magic mushroom kit online. The Hawaii PES magic mushroom kit is a very easy grower and is recommended to all beginning mycologists/scientists. The PES Hawaii mushrooms are large and the hats, broad and wide with a deep copper color.

Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms do not natively grow on the Islands of Hawaii. The PES Hawaii was first sold by a company (PES) that was located on Hawaii, hence the name.



Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Hawaiian PES – Mondo® online

Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Hawaiian PES – Mondo® online. The newest generation of Mondo® Hawaiian PES Magic Mushroom grow kits is the culmination of years of planning and testing. Mondo® Grow Kit Hawaiian PES is now much better than ever. The latest edition of the Psilocybe cubensis Mondo® Hawaiian PES Grow Kit improves on the original by adding:

More mushrooms, larger yields. More flushes* Improved contamination resistance. *Some strains generate more flushes than others, so follow the directions differently. The biggest flushes are the first three.

Meet the new industry standard for easy-to-grow kits.

The Psilocybe cubensis Mondo® Hawaiian PES Magic Mushroom grow kit differs differently from other grow kits you’ve tried. This is only seen in the substrate formula and is a well-guarded secret. Even with us, no!

You do not need to utilize any more spores, as you did with the prior and other quick grow kits. The spores evolved into mycelium within the substrate (the cake) in the grow box during the laboratory procedure. The mycelium has colonized the substrate completely and is ready to produce mushrooms.

How to properly store the grow kit

It is suggested that you begin the cultivation process as soon as possible. If you want to start growing later, keep the grow kit in the refrigerator for 2 weeks (2°C to 8°C). To begin, place the grow kit in a plastic shopping bag and seal it tightly.


  • 1x grow box – This includes active mycelium substrate (the cake)
  • 1x grow bag with a micron filter to keep impurities out
  • 1x paperclip to secure the grow bag

You’ll need

  • Misting Bottle – Misting is required to keep the humidity level at a comfortable level.
  • For misting and soaking, use potable water.
  • Work in a clean environment to prevent contamination by other fungus and bacteria (micro organisms).

We suggest that you use

  • Gloves for surgery
  • Facemask
  • Hands-on-disinfectant
  • Disinfectant for a variety of surfaces
  • Thermo mat (when room temperature falls below 18°C) Soaking Bag Thermometer

How to get the space and yourself ready before you start

  • Any windows that are open should be closed. Microorganisms may be introduced to the Psilocybe cubensis ‘Hawaiian PES’ Magic Mushroom grow kit via wind or draft.
  • Place the grow box with the cake on a cleaned surface after removing it from the carton box. Microorganisms may stick to the grow box if this surface is not clean, flourishing within the Psilocybe cubensis ‘Hawaiian PES’ Magic Mushroom grow kit and contaminating the grow box.
  • Make sure your hands and arms are clean while you’re working. When handling the kit, we suggest wearing medical gloves or a strong disinfectant. To prevent breathing into the grow bag and onto the cake, use a facemask.

Getting the process started

  • Fill the container with clean, drinkable water. Close the grow box completely and immerse it for 12 hours.
  • After 12 hours, drain the excess water from the grow box.
  • In the grow bag, place the grow box. The bag’s open end should face upwards.
  • The grow box’s lid should be removed. Rinse and put the lid in the carton box.
  • Increase the humidity in the growbag by adding some water. 150 ml (about)
    Do not cover the micron filter by folding the open end of the grow bag twice.
  • To keep the bag closed, place the paperclip on the fold. The Magic Mushroom grow kit for Psilocybe cubensis ‘Hawaiian PES’ is now available to use.
  • Inside the carton box, place the Psilocybe cubensis ‘Hawaiian PES’ Magic Mushroom grow kit.
  • The Mondo® Hawaiian PES magic mushroom grow kit instructions may be read, downloaded, or seen online.


The optimal temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. The temperature should not go below 21°C and should not rise over 29°C. You may use a Thermo Heatingmat to prevent the temperature from falling below 18 degrees Celsius. In the winter or in colder parts of the globe, a thermo mat is a must-have.


Only light is required for the mycelium in the Psilocybe cubensis Mondo® Hawaiian PES Magic Mushroom Grow Kit to ‘understand’ that it has reached the surface. Mushrooms will only grow after that. It’s more than adequate to have a few hours of fluorescent/artificial light or indirect sunshine every day. Because direct sunlight kills mycelium, keep the grow kit out of direct sunlight.

Misting / Water

You start misting the day after you start the procedure. Remove the paperclip from the grow bag to open it. Spray one time against each side of the bag, rather than directly on the cake. So you mist four times every day. Fresh oxygen is also pumped into the bag by misting. Close the bag with the paperclip immediately after misting.


The first little mushrooms (the pins) should develop between 5 and 16 days if the circumstances are ideal. This, too, is contingent on the tension. Some strains of Cubensis develop more slowly than others.

FAE & Air

It’s critical to replace the air in the grow bag after the pins emerge. 1-3 times each day, open the bag. Close it up again, this time with a lot of air within the grow bag. By allowing CO2 to escape and O2 to enter, you are allowing CO2 to escape and O2 to enter.


The mushrooms appear in clusters. This group might be tiny or huge. That is contingent on the tension. A flush is a kind of growth like this. Mushrooms don’t always ripen at the same time. A flush kit may be used for several flushes. The first and second flushes are the most significant. More flushes will follow, but they will be smaller than the last.

Picking and Harvesting

When the veil between the hat and the stem has barely torn, mushrooms are ripe and ready to be plucked. Don’t put it off any longer. Hands, wrists, and arms should be disinfected using medical gloves or disinfectant. Pick the ripe mushrooms and let the rest to continue to develop. Remove the mushrooms from the cake by grasping the mushroom’s base between your thumb and index finger. Slowly rotate your hand clockwise until the mushroom releases. Pulling the mushrooms out is not a good idea. This might harm the mycelium and cause it to die. After you’ve collected the majority of the bigger mushrooms, go ahead and pick the smaller ones, as well as the pins.

Mushrooms that sprout from the sides of the building

Mushrooms thrive where the sun shines and there is minimal barrier to penetration. Because the cake has light shining on it from all sides, mushrooms may grow there as well. It is difficult to counteract this, and it is permissible. To keep the edges of the grow box dark, some gardeners cover them in aluminum foil, although this doesn’t always work.

Mushrooms may be harvested shortly before soaking the kit if they grow there:

Hands are clean! Remove the grow box from the bag and set it on your other hand, upside down. Wiggle the plastic box until the cake falls out and lands on your hand. The plastic box may be disinfected by placing it on a clean surface. You may now use this hand to pluck the mushrooms off the cake’s sides. When all of the mushrooms have been selected, return the cake to its original location in the plastic box and finish the soaking procedure.


After you’ve harvested all of the mushrooms, you’ll need to get the kit ready for the next flush. Remove the grow box from the grow bag with cleaned hands or gloves once again. Fill the container with clean, drinkable water. Remove the ziploc bag’s lid and use it to shut the grow box. Wrap the closed grow box with a soaking bag or your own clean plastic shopping bag. Close it tightly and store it in the refrigerator for 12 hours (2°C to 8°C). This is referred to as the soaking procedure. The cake will now be soaked in water, preparing it for the next flush.

You may hang the grow bag with micronfilter upside down to dry while it’s soaking. Hang it upside down to prevent bacteria from getting inside the bag. After each flush, many growers like to use fresh and unused grow bags. Remove the soaking bag with the grow box from the fridge after 12 hours and unpack it.

After that, flush

To proceed, repeat steps 3–7 as you did when starting the procedure for the first time. A fresh flush will occur a few days later. A Psilocybe cubensis ‘Hawaiian PES’ Magic mushroom grow kit will yield at least two or three flushes. You may get more flushes out of a kit if you have cultivating experience.

The conclusion

When no additional mushrooms grow out of a grow kit for at least three weeks following the second flush, or when the Psilocybe cubensis ‘Hawaiian PES’ Magic Mushroom grow kit becomes green, red, grey, or yellow, it may be discarded. The color shift indicates that the grow kit has been compromised by another fungus or bacterium. The Psilocybe cubensis ‘Hawaiian PES’ Magic mushroom grow kit will no longer produce mushrooms, and the grow kit should be discarded outdoors.


The mushrooms will spill their spores if you pluck them too late. Because of the spores, the cake and mushrooms will become black/purple (some other cubensis strains may turn red/brown). This isn’t a major issue; it simply doesn’t seem very appealing. When mushrooms release spores, they begin to disintegrate, and the active compounds begin to decay as well. Mushrooms will lose part of their power as a result of this.

Consider your options.

More information about dos and don’ts may be found on the responsible usage page.

This kit is solely intended for small-scale home usage.

Getting the most out of your Mondo PES Hawaii Mushrooms

If you follow the mushroom growing instructions to the letter, you may expect a harvest of 300 to 600 grams of mushrooms. Mondo growkits come in two sizes: 1200cc and 2100cc. What makes the Mondo PES Hawaii mushroom grow kit so special? If you manage it appropriately, you can use it three times on average. The PES Hawaii mushrooms are simple to cultivate.

How to Keep Your Mushroom Grow Kit Safe

We recommend that you set up your mushroom growkit right away since it is a fresh product. You’ll get the greatest results and a nice mushroom crop if you do it this way. Even after receiving the mushroom growkit, you may retain it. This comes with a date of expiration.

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