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Buy Psilocybe Mexicana Online. Psilocybe mexicana is a hallucinogenic mushroom. Its first know usage was by the locals of Central America and North America more than 2,000 years prior. Referred to the Aztecs as teonanácatl from Nahuatl: teotl “god” + nanácatl “parasite”. This species is arrange by French botanist Roger Heim.

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Psilocybe Mexicana For Sale Online

The psychoactive mushroom Psilocybe mexicana is found in Mexico. Over 2,000 years ago, the indigenous of North and Central America were the first to use it. The Aztecs called it teotlnanácatl, which comes from the Nahuatl words teotl (“god”) and nanácatl (“catl”) (“fungus”). Roger Heim, a French botanist, classified this species.

Dr. Albert Hofmann identified and named the active entheogenic chemicals psilocybin and psilocin from this species, using specimens produced in his Sandoz laboratory.

Dr. Hofmann swallowed 32 specimens, unsure whether the artificially developed mushrooms would maintain their inherent euphoric characteristics. The Botany and Chemistry of Hallucinogens: An Introduction is his description of the experience, which was published in his famous work, The Botany and Chemistry of Hallucinogens: An Introduction.

Because I was well aware that my knowledge of the mushrooms’ Mexican origin would drive me to visualize solely Mexican landscapes, I made a conscious effort to look at my surroundings as I typically would. However, all voluntary attempts to gaze at objects in their usual shapes and colors were useless. I only saw Mexican designs and colors whether my eyes were closed or open.

When the experiment’s doctor leaned down to check my blood pressure, he was changed into an Aztec priest, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had pulled an obsidian knife. Despite the gravity of the situation, it delighted me to observe how my colleague’s Germanic face had taken on a wholly Indian look.

The flood of inside images, largely shifting in shape and color, reached such a frightening degree during the pinnacle of intoxication, roughly 112 hours after intake of the mushrooms, that I worried I would be dragged into this maelstrom of form and color and disintegrate. The dream came to an end after around six hours.

I had no clue how long this problem had been going on. My return to normal life seemed like a pleasant reunion with an old and familiar home after an odd, spectacular, yet very real experience world.

This mushroom belongs to the Mexicanae family. Psilocybe atlantis and Psilocybe samuiensis are two more mushrooms in the genus. Psilocybe acutipilea from Brazil was considered a probable synonym of Psilocybe mexicana by Ramirez-Cruz et al. (2013), in which case it would be the senior synonym, but the original specimen was too moldy for them to be positive.

  • Scientific name: Psilocybe mexicana
  • Genus: Psilocybe
  • Order: Agaricales
  • Class: Agaricomycetes
  • Kingdom: Fungus
  • Family: Strophariaceae

Description of Psilocybe mexicana Mushroom

Psilocybe mexicana is a fungus native to Mexico. 400x cheilocystidia and spores
Caption: (0.5)
1—2(3) cm in diameter, conic to campanulate or subumbonate with a little papilla, hygrophanous or glabrescent, even striate at the border, ocherous to brown or beige to straw color in age, occasionally with blueish or greenish tones, readily becoming blue when damaged
Gills: Gray to purple-brown with white margins, adnate or adnexed.
Dark purple-brown spore print
Stipe: equal, hollow, straw color to brownish or reddish-brown, becoming darker where wounded, annulus missing, 4 — 10(12.5) cm long x 1 — 2(3) mm thick, equal, hollow, straw color to brownish or reddish-brown, becoming darker where injured
Farinaceous odor
Farinaceous in flavor
Features at a microscopic level: 8 — 12 x 5 — 8 m spores Smooth and ovoid. Cheilocystidia, fusoid-ampullaceous to sublageniform, with a forked neck, 13–34 m Pleurocystidia are either sublageniform or non-existent.
Psilocybe mexicana may become latent and create sclerotia, a dormant form of the organism that protects it from wildfires and other natural calamities.

Habitat and distribution

Psilocybe mexicana grows alone or in small groups amid mosses along roadsides and pathways, damp meadows, and cornfields, especially in grassy places near deciduous woods. Only known from Mexico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Common at heights of 300–550 meters (980–1,800 feet), scarce at lower levels. From May until October, the trees bear fruit.

Consumption and agriculture

Psilocybe mexicana, like numerous other psilocybin mushrooms in the genus, has been used by indigenous North American peoples for its entheogenic properties.

Sclerotia of Psilocybe mexicana are occasionally grown for entheogenic usage in the Western hemisphere. The active chemicals in the sclerotia are lower than in the mushrooms themselves.

Potency of Mexican Psilocybe

Despite the fact that the Dutch Ministry of Health claims that sclerotia are weaker than mushrooms, the accuracy of this assertion is debatable. Sclerotia, on average, contain less water than mushrooms, with roughly 75% opposed to 90%.

On a fresh weight basis, sclerotia may be more effective than many popular hallucinogenic mushroom species, however owing to the difference in moisture content, this connection changes after both the mushrooms and sclerotia have been thoroughly dried.

Although we don’t have precise potency data for P. mexicana sclerotia, the mushrooms themselves have been claimed to contain 0.25 percent psilocybin and 0.25 percent psilocin at most. P. mexicana seems to be weaker on paper than P. cubensis, which is claimed to possess a maximum of 1.3 percent psilocybin and 0.35 percent psilocin.

P. mexicana mushrooms, on the other hand, have been claimed to have equivalent or more potency than P. cubensis mushrooms, depending on who you ask. Furthermore, anecdotally, P. mexicana sclerotia are said to be of nearly equivalent potency as P. cubensis mushrooms.

The fact that magic mushrooms in general may vary widely in strength depending on how they’re produced, making comparisons across species difficult, is likely one of the causes of all this misinformation. Furthermore, there are few scientific studies on potency, and subjective trip reports are notoriously hard to evaluate.

The sheer number of anecdotal potency reports can usually be relied upon (as in the case of P. azurescens), but it seems that fewer individuals have tried, or at the very least recorded their experiences with P. mexicana. Until further evidence becomes available, we recommend starting with a lesser dose than you would for P. cubensis and seeing how you do: Keep in mind that you can always take more, but not less! If you plan on microdosing with P. mexicana, be sure to calibrate your dosage on a day when you have no responsibilities, just in case!

effects of Psilocybe mexicana Mushroom

They frequently exhibit psychedelic, hallucinogenic, or entheogenic effects because of their active ingredients. These effects are always dependent on the dosage and the individual. It might be a pleasurable or a dreadful experience.

The initial signs of intoxication are exhilaration, which is followed by laughing and joyful emotions. Later, a level of calmness and calm is achieved, resulting in clarity and attentiveness, depending on the person’s mental condition.

The impression of time and space might be changed depending on the dosage. You can observe how the colors blend together as the brightness of the lights increases. Strange noises may be heard, and the intensity of emotions may heighten.

Symptoms They typically last 4-6 hours and take effect between 15 and 60 minutes. I hope that you have gained a better understanding of the Psilocybe mexicana mushroom as a result of this material.

Is it legal to consume Psilocybe mexicana?

Psilocybe mexicana is widely used in a variety of forms, some of which are legal in certain jurisdictions. P. mexicana produces sclerotia and psilocybin-containing mycelium in addition to fruiting bodies (mushrooms).
For sale online is the Psilocybe mexicana mushroom.

What does the mature form of Psilocybe mexicana look like?

It has a conical cap that measures 3 to 5 centimeters when young and expands to a flatter convex crown as it matures. When young, the cap and stem of Psilocybe mexicana may be dark green to dark brown, fading to a rust or straw hue as it matures (Letcher 2007). Psilocybe mexicana is a fungus native to Mexico.

Who was the first to discover psilocybin?

In his laboratory in Switzerland, Albert Hofmann (discoverer of LSD) discovered and identified the chemicals psilocybin and psilocin in 1957. He performed it using the Psilocybe mexicana species. The Psilocybe mexicana mushrooms had been intentionally cultivated expressly for this purpose. Mexican Psilocybe

Is it possible to purchase Psilocybe mushrooms?

Unfortunately, we are unable to sell mushrooms of this species due to legal restrictions, however the magical truffles of this species may be purchased in the Netherlands. Psilocybe mexicana is further divided into two types: Psilocybe mexicana A and Psilocybe mexicana B.

Is Psilocybin Mexicana related to other Psilocybe species?

This impression is based on its moderate to high strength, which is comparable to that of P. atlantis and P. samuiensis, albeit it may have a delayed or subtle bluing response, which is typical of strong Psilocybe species. P. mexicana lacks several distinguishing characteristics that enable it to be distinguished in the wild. Psilocybe mexicana

Is it possible to find Psilocybe mexicana in dung?

Panaeolus papilionaceous (non-psychoactive, bad taste) and Panaeolus cinctulus (non-psychoactive, foul flavor) are two more species in this region with comparable features (contains psilocybin). Unlike these species, Psilocybe mexicana is never discovered directly growing on dung, despite the fact that it may be found close.
Psilocybe mexicana is a fungus native to Mexico.

Is it legal to use psilocybin mushrooms for recreational purposes?

Many Psilocybe species, including P. mexicana, are consumed recreationally due to their hallucinogenic properties.

Which Psilocybe strains have the most active ingredients?

Any of the Mexicana Psilocybe strains is very powerful, and they seem to be the most magical. The wood lovers take first place in terms of maximum active content.

How beneficial is Psilocybe mexicana to your health?

The Psilocybe Mexicana has a 2.5 out of 5 rating from us. The Psilocybe mexicana truffles are the mildest of all the truffles we provide. At a dosage of 5 grams, the effects of fresh magic truffles are already apparent, although not particularly powerful. A medium trip begins at 10 grams, and a complete pack of 15 grams produces a powerful experience for most individuals. Mexican Psilocybe

What effects do Mexican magic mushrooms have?

The benefits boost your creativity and innovative ideas, as well as your social conduct and positive emotions. You’ll have visual hallucinations with both open and closed eyes, including shapes, colors, fractals, and patterns. Magic Mushrooms from Mexico The feelings are pleasant and warm, and they fade off gently and silently. Magic Mushrooms from Mexico

For hallucinogenic effects, how many grams of Mexican psilocybin mushrooms are required?

P. cubensis is a soft, moderate hallucinogenic mushroom native to Mexico. In only a 5 gram intake of fresh mushrooms, the results are already noticeable. For maximum impact, increase the dosage to 10 to 15 grams. Magic Mushrooms from Mexico

What are the different types of Psilocybe mexicana?

Psilocybe mexicana is further divided into two types: Psilocybe mexicana A and Psilocybe mexicana B. The only one of these two that makes magical truffles is A. As a result, the magical truffles we provide are Psilocybe mexicana A.


Psilocybe Mexicana has a long and illustrious history in the world of psychedelics. Albert Hofmann (who first synthesized LSD) received this strain of Psilocybe cubensis, the world’s most prevalent magic mushroom species, and extracted and identified psilocybin as the active component. Psilocybe Mexicana was the forerunner of modern-day magic mushroom and truffle farming.

Mexicana A and Mexicana B are two sub-strains of the Mexicana strain. Only Mexicana A produces sclerotia, which is another term for truffles, which are the underground component of a mushroom. As a result, all of our Psilocybe Mexicana truffles are Mexicana A truffles by necessity.


Mexicana truffles are rather weak, therefore their effects are far more muted than those of many other types. Since a result, they’re ideal for novices, as there’s minimal chance of overdoing it. Mild visuals, a “opening up” of cognitive processes, greater sensitivity to stimuli, and an overall capacity to find things incredibly hilarious are some of the side effects.


As previously said, these truffles are on the lower end of our spectrum. On average, 5 grams is considered a modest dosage, with perceptible but mild effects. With 10 grams, you’ll have a moderate trip with significant visual and bodily effects, but nothing too intense. The benefits will become substantially greater after you reach approximately 15 grams. This is the point at which most people know they’re in for a good vacation.

The most straightforward approach to consume Mexicana truffles is to just eat them raw. If you don’t like the flavor, try brewing a tea instead. If you do this, don’t put the truffles in boiling water since the psilocybin will be destroyed, and you won’t get high!


Our magic truffles are delivered fresh and may be kept in the fridge for up to two months if sealed. They must, however, be used within two days after being opened. You may also dry them to keep them for a long time.


Psilocybin and psilocin, two potent hallucinogenic chemicals, are found in magic truffles. It is important to use hallucinogens responsibly; read our advice on how to trip safely. Make sure you’re in a secure place and have a sober companion, or “trip sitter,” in your company who will keep your feet on the ground.

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