Buy Sterile Magic Mushroom substrate for p. Cubensis Extra Large online


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Buy Sterile Magic Mushroom substrate for p. Cubensis Extra Large online. Mushroom Substrate XL kit contains 2100 ml of sterile substrate for mushroom cultivation. This substrate kit is tailored to the needs of the Cubensis mushroom. You add the spores and grow whatever you like. We recommend to use Liquid Culture for a better development of the spores. Remove it if you only need the substrate. Needs spores? Adding Spores from our collection will get you a 15% discount on them. Just add a spores Syringe / Vial to your cart for the discount to apply.

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Buy Sterile Magic Mushroom substrate for p. Cubensis Extra Large online

Buy Sterile Magic Mushroom substrate for p. Cubensis Extra Large online. Mushroom Substrate Kit XL | Sterile Substrate for mushroom growing. The mushroom sterilised substrate might be viewed as soil for a plant. This sterilised substrate has to be injected with our liquid cultures derived from spores.

Mushroom Substrate Kit comprises

  • Container with 2100 cc
  • ml sterile substrate mix
  • Liquid Culture 25 ml
  • Injection port
  • Fruiting Bag with Filter
  • Alcohol switch
  • Clip

Substrate Contains:

Sterilised substrate with a moisture content: 60-65 percent . A blend of whole oat, vermiculite, perlite and Gypsum.

Recommended goods to use

  • Liquid Culture
  • Spore syringe
    Spore Vial
  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Disinfectant handgel


Always keep your substrate kit in a clean refrigerator ! We suggest to utilize the substrate kit as soon as possible. The kit may be maintained under refrigerated conditions for up to 6 weeks.

How to utilize a Mushroom Substrate Kit : Instructions

Phase 1 – Prepare the Liquid Culture

Wash your hands and clean the working area! .

Shake the spore vial or syringe very well to make sure all spores are floating.
Disinfect the injection site of the liquid culture and the spore vial or syringe with the alcohol exchange.

Inject 2 ml of spore solution in the Liquid culture

Shake the infected liquid culture vigorously once a day every day for 10 days Store the inoculated liquid culture in a position between 23-27 degrees Celsius. The liquid culture is ready when you detect a cloud floating in the suspension. This is mycelium..

Your Liquid culture is ready, It is called the Master Culture, if utilized and preserved correctly you may have plenty of mycelium from just a little of spores..


If the liquid is murky, it suggests there is a contamination and the culture is worthless.

If you don’t use the liquid culture for 10 days, keep it in the refrigerator

Phase 2 – Inoculation

  • Step 1 Wash your hands and clean your working area
    Clean injection site of the sterilized substrate and liquid culture
  • Step 2 Retract 10ml (1200 CC kit) or 25 ml (2100 CC) from the liquid culture
    Inject spore suspension, via the injection hole of the kit
  • Step 3 After inoculation flip and shake the box 360 degrees in all directions
    keep the kit in a dark area with temperature between 23 °-27°C
    Result: After inoculation, you’ll notice mycelium develop. A white fungus will eventually cover the sterilized substrate. This might take up to 2-3 weeks depending on the temperature.

Phase 3 – Fruiting and Spore collecting

~ Please bear in mind that fruiting mushrooms might be prohibited in you country. Always verify you local regulations before beginning this level. When the substrate has completely colonized it’s time to get the fruits growing to harvest mushroom spores or mushroom tissue to continue your study or cultivation.

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