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Buy Magic mushroom grow kit Golden Teacher XP by FreshMushrooms online. The wise Golden Teacher magic mushrooms create magic in the mind and guides into a journey of philosophy and self-knowledge. When you have questions that require answers you may follow the enlightening path of the Golden Teacher magic mushrooms.



Buy Magic mushroom grow kit Golden Teacher XP by FreshMushrooms online

Buy Magic mushroom grow kit Golden Teacher XP by FreshMushrooms Online. Golden Teacher XP by FreshMushrooms may be acquired online. Creating Fresh Mushroom Grow Kits with Golden Teacher XP is really simple. Because the substrate is fully colonized and contains no fillers, these kits need zero care.

High doses of psilocin induce the first flush with little effort. If you adhere to the given directions, you are guaranteed an abundant harvest of mushrooms!. Golden Teacher XP by FreshMushrooms is available for purchase online.

  • Fast growing: 1 week to first pins
  • High yields: Up to 4 flushes. (in ideal conditions)
  • High Potency: According the supplier the XP (Extra Potent) strains are twice as potent!

Contents of Golden Teacher XP Mushroom Grow Kit

  • 1x Golden Teacher Mushrooms Grow box – This contains rye substrate with active mycelium
  • 1x Growbag – The bag has filters across the bag.
  • 2x paperclip – For closing the grow bag.

You need

  • Misting Bottle  – Misting is needed for the humidity level
  • Potable water – For misting and soaking
  • Clean environment – Work clean to give other fungi and bacteria (micro organisms) no chance to contaminate.

We recommend using

  • Surgical gloves
  • Face mask
  • Disinfectant for hands
  • Disinfectant for surfaces
  • Soaking bag
  • Thermometer
  • Thermo mat

How to prepare the room and yourself before you begin

  • Close any open windows. Wind or draft may bring micro organisms that can contaminate the Magic Mushroom grow kit.
  • When taking out the grow box with the cake from the carton box, put it on a disinfected surface. If this surface would not be clean, micro organisms may attach to the grow box and will flourish inside the Magic Mushroom grow kit, and will contaminate the grow box.
  • Make sure you work with clean hands and arms. We recommend using surgical gloves or a good disinfectant when handling the kit. You should use a facemask to avoid breathing into the grow bag and on the cake.

Instructions: Starting the Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom grow kit

    1. Take the magic mushroom grow kit, plastic bag and paperclip out of the box. Remove the lid of the mushroom grow kit (store the lid properly). Rinse the lid under running water. You will need it again later (step 7).
    2. Place the mushroom grow kit without lid in the plastic grow bag (opening at the top). Slide the opening of the bag under the bottom with the micro perforation pointing upwards. The opening of the bag is now largely closed. You do not have to worry about air circulation.
    3. When you see the first small mushrooms ( called pins), you can put the grow bag upright. Do not water! The first magic mushrooms will be visible after about 1 week.
    4. Place the mushroom grow kit in an area with enough daylight and at a temperature between 18 °C and 28 °C. NEVER place the grow kit in direct sunlight. Although mushrooms will grow at almost any temperature above 15 °C, 23 °C is the ideal temperature for an optimal harvest. Special heat mats are available to ensure this temperature and not have to heat the entire room.
    5. When the mushrooms are slightly bigger as the pins keep the bag a bit open the entire time so the moisture can evaporate (Phase 2). Too much moisture is not good.

After about one week, the first mushrooms will emerge. The first harvest will occur around one week later. Ensure that you gather before the spores begin to fall! Grow kits for fresh mushrooms produce their first harvest rather quickly. After just one week, the first buds are already visible. Both low and high temperatures may inhibit this process to some degree. Typically, mushroom development takes one to two weeks.

  1. These kits can produce several mushroom harvests. To do so, fill the kit with clean tap water after the first harvest. This process is known as cold shock. It breathes new life into the mycelium and ensures that enough moisture is present for the mushrooms to grow.
  2. Place the lid of the grow Kit back on the kit. Let the kit rest for 12 hours. Open a corner of the lid and drain the excess water. From here you can follow the instructions from step 1 again. This process can be repeated several times.

Growing with a heatingmat (use only for this brand)

Place the bag containing the Grow Kit on the heat mat. Turn on the heat mat. Turn off the heat mat after two days and wait until the buds have formed, which typically takes between five and ten days. Then, reactivate the heat mat and slightly unzip the bag’s top so the moisture may escape.

What to do if after 10 days the buds have not formed. Remove the cake from the plastic box, place it back in the box on its side, and reapply the heat mat for two days. Buy Magic mushroom grow kit Golden Teacher XP by FreshMushrooms online.

How to store the grow kit correctly

It is recommended to start the cultivation process right away. If you decide to start growing later, you may store themagic mushroom grow kit inside a Soaking Bag in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C) for 4 weeks after the production date.


24°C is the optimal temperature. Keep the temperature between 18 and 29 degrees Celsius. To prevent the temperature from falling below 18°C, a thermo mat may be used to maintain the optimal temperature. In winter or colder places of the globe, a thermo mat is a need.


The magic mushroom cultivation kit requires just light for the mycelium to “understand” that it has reached the surface. Only then can mushroom growth occur. A few hours of fluorescent/artificial light or indirect sunlight each day is enough. Mycelium is destroyed by direct sunlight; thus, keep the grow kit away of direct sunlight.


If the conditions are optimal, you can expect the first small mushrooms (the pins) to appear between 7 and 10
days. This also depends on the strain. Some cubensis strains grow slower than others.


The mushrooms grow in groups. This group might be small or large. Depending on the kind of plant This expansion is called a flush. Rarely do all mushrooms mature simultaneously. One may receive many flushes from a kit. The first two flushes are the largest. Following flushes will be smaller than the previous flush.


When the veil between the cap and stem has just begun to separate, mushrooms are ready for harvesting. Do not wait more. Use medical gloves or clean your hands, wrists, and arms thoroughly. Select the mature mushrooms and let the others to continue growing. There is no vermiculite-like layer above the cake.

This significantly simplifies mushroom picking compared to conventional grow kits. By holding them with the thumb and index finger, the mushrooms may be easily pulled from the cake. The mushrooms surrendered almost immediately. After the bulk of the larger mushrooms have been collected, gather the smaller ones and the pins as well.

Mushrooms that grow from the sides

When there is ample light and low obstacle to penetration, mushrooms flourish. Due to the cake’s lit edges, mushrooms may also grow there. This is tough to contradict and may be allowed. Some producers use aluminum foil to keep the edges of the grow box dark, although this technique is not always successful.

When mushrooms grow there, they can be picked just before you soak the kit:

Genuine hands! Remove the grow box from the bag and hold it upside down with your other hand. Shake the jar of cake till it falls into your hands. The plastic container may be placed on a disinfected surface. This hand is now free to remove the mushrooms from the edges of the cake. After collecting all of the mushrooms, you may reinstall the cake in its original plastic container and continue with the soaking operation.

The end

When no additional mushrooms grow for at least three weeks following the second flush, or when the Magic Mushroom grow kit becomes green, red, grey, or yellow, the grow kit may be discarded. This indicates that the grow kit has been infected with another fungus or bacterium. The Psilocybe cubensis Magic mushroom grow kit will no longer produce mushrooms, thus it should be discarded in the rubbish outdoors.


When it is too late to harvest mushrooms, their spores will be released. The cake and mushrooms will become black/purple as a result of the spores (some other cubensis strains may turn red/brown). This is not truly a problem, although it is not especially appealing. When mushrooms release their spores, they begin to degrade and lose their active substances. Mushrooms lose some of their strength.

Be sensible

Check out the responsible use page for more information on do’s and don’ts.  This kit is meant for small-scale home use only.

Productcode fm-gt
Weight (KG) 1.1000
Grow Kit type FreshMushrooms
Difficulty Easy
Size Normal
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Origin Unknown
Potency Average / High
Optimum cultivation temperature 24ºC
Yield (from) 100 grams
Yield (to) 400 gram
Water Spray Needed Yes

How to cultivate fresh mushrooms with the Golden teacher XP

Utilizing the Golden Teacher XP to develop Fresh Mushroom Grow Kits are really simple. These kits are entirely maintenance-free since the substrate is fully colonized and contains no fillers. High concentrations of psilocin need little effort to induce the initial flush. Grow kit for magic mushrooms, Golden Teacher XP by FreshMushrooms®.

How are mushrooms grown with a magic mushroom grow kit?

The magic mushroom cultivation kit requires just light for the mycelium to “understand” that it has reached the surface. Only then can mushroom growth occur. A few hours of fluorescent/artificial light or indirect sunlight each day is enough. Mycelium is destroyed by direct sunlight; thus, keep the grow kit away of direct sunlight. Grow kit for enchanted mushrooms, Golden Teacher XP from FreshMushrooms®.

What is the freshmushrooms grow kit’s weight?

This kit is intended for for domestic usage. Product number fm-gt 1.1000 Grow Kit of the FreshMushrooms kind have a Difficulty of Moderate Simple Size Normal 8 more rows . Grow kit for magic mushrooms, Golden Teacher XP by FreshMushrooms®.

How long do fresh mushrooms take to mature?

Grow kits for fresh mushrooms yield their first crop rather soon. Already after one week, the first buds are apparent. Both low and high temperatures may somewhat impede this procedure. Stop spraying the inside of the bag as soon as the buds are visible. Typically, one to two weeks are required for mushroom maturation.

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